Books we are reading

Suzanne is reading…Zoli…because she likes the cover of the book…no, not really….it is a swell cover, but she is reading it because she is an intellectual and likes the content.It’s about a gypsy and I’m sure she will let us know how good it is with a review soon, or just drop in the store and ask her about it….

Rant…Chuck Palahnuik….I think he is THE MAN..and Paul will review his new book maybe before he graduates in June…I was told it was his fav. of all of Chuck’s books…so stay tuned for that…I only read what I could before Paul got his hands on it and I have to say that Chuck Palahnuik is a wonderful contemporary writer….if you haven’t read his books, ask your kids about him because they probably have….(he wrote “Fight Club”, which was made into a movie)

Then there is Sherman Alexie…his lateset book, which is for “young Adults”, is on the best seller list. Sherman Alexie has a whole bunch of awards and I bet you’ve seen his film ” Smoke Signals”… my favorite part is where they have a car that can only drive in reverse and they just drive in reverse where ever they want to go.At any rate, I will do a review when I’m finished with it, but it IS on the Booksense best seller list.

Everybody likes this book…even MOM!.. Go and get it!

This is another one of my favorites..Shewas listed for the man booker prize in 2001 for ” Hotel World” and in 2006 “Accidental”
..Quirky and wonderful is what I can say about it. I am sure there are many more books that Dick, Melanie ,Erin,and Cristina have been reading, and we will post reviews for all to see soon. what are you reading? Let us know!……………………..


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