Wood and building

The dumpster lid here at Bookworks was in very sad shape. I was going to fix it myself by taking the rotton wood and l- clamping it. That would have lasted well into next week. Jeffrey suggested I let him have a go of it…..

It was in pityful shape…not even worthy of a picture….so he chucked the rotton part out and put a brand new part in….He glued it and clamped it thoroughly…..let it dry overnight….then

He took all of the clamps off and sanded it smooth….
He then attached the lid and did all those little detail things…….

Our new dumpster lid….Finished! Thank-you, Jeffrey! Now dosen’t that just get you all inspired to….build a house or something???? Well check out these books just waiting for you at the store…….
First things first….and here’s the book you want to get started…You’ll be drooling over some of these unique spaces that wood guys set up for themselves…..

This is a book all about the history of wood….Jon Wilson of “Wooden Boat” magazine says”Harvey Green’s rich study reminds us that this true miracle fiber has long deserved our deepest gratitude and acknowledgement, and it’s about time someone called such reverent and comprehensive attention to it’s wonders”…..

Here’s a nice hardcover book about all the houses you will want to build after reading “Wood”…
After you dream about building your dream house and come back to reality,this book might suffice. This is more like it….we should all have a little “get-away” house!
We had reviewed this book at Christmas nantucketbookworks.blogspot.com/1search?q=how+about+a+book It’s great for ideas…

And finally, there is “Building With Vision…Optimizing and Finding Alternatives to Wood”.Very interesting…there’s a house that has been shingled with old license plates….cob built houses and alot of info like web sites and resources.Lots of pondering to do on that next project over the months ahead!

These books will be featured in our new “Blogged Books” section….just ask or look for the sign near the sitting bench by the window!


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