All the news that’s fit to blog…The ABA winter Institute trip

It was just another day for most Nantucketers, but for Nantucket Bookworks, little did we know it was the start of a great adventure.We were off to the American Booksellers Winter Institute in Louisville, Kentucky. We nabbed the 6:30 Ferry to Hyannis, and the fun began…..
The moon setting on one side…..

Sun rise on the other side….
First stop….Titcomb’s Bookshop in East Sandwich, Ma…

You recognize this fellow on RT.6A………
Let’s start upstairs….used books…..
Here’s Dick!…How odd for him to be in the Poetry section…..

This is a fun place to get lost….like Granny’s attic….
My second favorite section (The Edward Gorey section is first…. ) the used children’s section.(Books, not children….being an Edward Gorey fan, that needs to be clarified)
Lots of “stuff” just like Bookworks!
Down we go……more used…cooking and reference and all kinds of goodies..

These are fun! I love the colorful rugs.
Now off we go to Boston and then Louisville!Thank-you Titcomb’s Bookstore!
First stop…Muhammad Ali Center for the opening reception. We met Booksellers we hadn’t met before as well as saw the “old crowd”.Then we got to tour the museum…I liked Muhammad Ali’s nice brown, vintage Mercedes Convertable…..Get me one of those as a company car, Wendy!
Friday morning we had breakfast with Danny Meyer, Chef and Author . Chef Meyer talked about his many restaurants and how hospitality is so important in business. So expect us to be EVEN NICER than we already are to you! He was a great speaker and had lots of interesting information.We listened in awe as we ate our scrambled eggs……
One of our favorite education seminars was called “Green Retailing”. There we learned how small businesses can save oodles of energy with just a few small steps and changes.It also can save a small business oodles of money!Everything was discussed…lighting,appliances (we immediately went back to the bookstore and shut off our hot water tank),powerstrips…did you know parasitic electric losses are now over 10 percent of residential energy bills? Maybe even higher here in Nantucket!…Fans,insulation, thermal barrier paint,water (spouts,showerheads,low-flo toilets,downspout collection)…solar energy heating,solar electric options,solar electric, small wind and other options…and you thought we were all about books (and cool toys) The panel included Sue Lynn from Confluence Bookstore ,Bistro and Business Center in Belleview, Nebraska , an environmentally friendly bookstore. She told us what she did when she opened her store to make it environmentally sound and how she saved money while doing it.
Scott Sklar is president of The Stella Group,Ltd. environmental consulting firm. He walks his talk and lives in a solar home and uses solar energy in his Washington DC offices. He also writes a Q&A column that appears on the largest renewable energy web portal He’s been at this for a long time and was very informative.
Last but not least, there was the enthusiastic Representative Jay Inslee fromWashington state.He is seated on the House, Energy and commerce committee,and in March 2007, he was appointed to the 15 member Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. It’s nice to fit a politician in there somewhere.
We have lots of information on any of the topics mentioned. Just stop in the store or email us at
Representative Jay Insee’s book
At one of our lunches, we had the pleasure of listening to a panel of three authors that are very active in environmental, local self-reliance and local economy issues. They had a great panel discussion that was informative and powerful. They were Bill McKibben,an American environmentalist and activist who writes about global warming and alternative energy. In late 2006, Bill helped lead a five day walk across Vermont to demand action on global warming. He founded .
Stacy Mitchell is a senior researcher with the New Rules Project, that works to advance policies that support strong local economies and vibrant communities.
Michael Shuman is an attourney and economist and a periodic commentator on NPR’s “All Things Considered”. He is also Vice President of Enterprise and Development for the Training and Development Corporation of Bucksport, Maine
Aren’t we lucky enough to have our own activist right here at the bookstore on Nantucket?
Bill Mc Kibben’s book
Stacy Mitchell’s book

Michael Schuman’s book. All of these are available on our web site….
One of the highlights of the convention was a chance to meet 40 Authors with new books coming out this spring….Here’s a look at 4 of them….up close and personal….
The first author I met was Tobias Wolff .This is a collection of ten short stories, his first in over a decade. “A writer of the highest order: part storyteller, part philosopher, someone deeply engaged in asking hard questions that take a lifetime to resolve.”(Los Angeles Times) His book is due out March 25, 2008.
Mary Roach (author of “Stiff:the Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” and “Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife”) is just as funny in real life as her books. In her latest book, “Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex” she describes what science is doing to make the bedroom a more satisfying place. The book is due out in April 2008. I asked her what she might be writing about next.She answered “Outter space”. Should be interesting!
This is a book written by a most interesting author, Sasa Stanisic. He is only 29 years old, and fled his native Bosnia for Germany as a teenager.He was very nice to talk to and charming as can be. I can’t wait to read his novel which will be out in June 2008.The book is written from a child’s point of view. “The novelistic debut of the year….(filled) with poetic and intoxicating language, and a burlesque panorama of pathetically lovable figures. An extravagant, theatrical, overboard, entirely great, and above all captivating book” (Freie Presse) He is featured in the most recent Publisher’s weekly article,”New Fiction, New Worlds…Ten debut novelist’s for the spring.
And finally, a book by Jonathan Miles, Cocktail editor for the N.Y.Times.”A scathingly funny story of a stranded passenger whos enraged letter of complaint transforms intoa lament for a life gone awry.” I have read the advanced reader and it is outrageously funny and highly recommended.The book will be available June 5, 2008. You can read more about these books as well as pre-order any of them here .

Now, here’s some views of downtown Louisville from the hotel window….

Little did we know that there was a nor’ eastern on it’s way to Cape Cod and the Islands….We left Louisville and got into Boston with barely enough time to make the 2:45 ferry , only if we had a driver who was speedy and savvy enough to get us there on time. Luckily, Wendy was at the wheel. Although we had reservations for the later boat, as the weather got worse, we knew this would probably be our last chance on standby.We made it! We were the last car to back on, as the Captain didn’t want to turn around the boat once we got to Nantucket. We were relieved.The boat didn’t leave until 3 or so, and there were just enough seats for all on board. In other words, it was packed. The whole town was there…school teachers, postal workers, the town planner, the UPS guy, the Nantucket Island Waves of sychronized skating fame, we were all in it together. The boat began to rock more and more. The hull was making noises. We were wondering if all of the vehicles would be squished in a corner down there when we got to the dock. But, alas, there was an announcement…”We have changed course and have turned around”. Back to Hyannis…at 5pm. The boat ride back wasen’t bad, but when we got there, the storm was a howling! We took off and grabbed the first hotel with vacancy. Happily, it was walking distance to the Mall….
The storm at it’s peak…a view from the hotel window. We had fun watching Shaun White win gold at the X Games in Aspen. And then the next day, it was “Nantucket Day” at the mall and Not Your Average Joe’s restaurant. I think we ate two meals there…Pretty good and great staff.
All of our customers were at the airport. Flights didn’t start until 3 ish….
Finally we flew home to Nantucket at 5 pm……Now THAT’S an adventure! Whew!

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