Spelling Bee Beatdown and other news

Here it is… the trophy that slipped thru our fingers.  We were so close.  Literally, it was right in front of us on the stage at the Nantucket High School.  The same stage where we misspelled “dissect.”   d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t  d-i-s-s-e-c-t.  

We won’t misspell that again!  Cristina, Dick and I, collectively known as Teem Bukworx, had a great time anyway.  Although I have a strange feeling that Dick had Citizen Kanesque nightmares where “rosebud” was replaced with “dissect…D-I-S-S-E-C-T!”Although we’d have loved first place and that blinging trophy we were happy to see the NES teachers rally for the win.  ‘Schottische‘  I never would have gotten that, although Dick said he knew it. Those apt teachers, aside from being brilliant spellers, I’m sure they’re wonderful folk dancers.  Kudos on the rockin’ win!

In other news..

Friday afternoon was going to be our first Crafternoon, but we didn’t get the word out as well as we’d like, Saturday’s Storytime also.  But next week we’ll be here and hopefully so will you.  My resourceful pals did such a great job collecting wine corks (thanks Carmen and Cristina) that we’ll make our fancy, earth-friendly stampers this coming Friday.  We made a few examples…

They’re really fun and way easier than I thought.  I also found a great use for the little foam creatures my mom sent me awhile back.  They’re perfect for this.

Last Tuesday I had the honor of decorating the V-day window.  Suzanne had the brilliant idea, as if her ideas could be anything but, to make the window all red, filled with random objects.  She pointed out the fire extinguisher and the Coke cans in the back room and I went from there.  

and when Melanie came in she pointed out how perfectly it fit with Chinese New Year…  Yahtzee!So if you’re in the neighborhood, come check out our sweet red window and the blank space where our spelling bee trophy could have been.  Thursday would be a good day to pencil in a visit, not only is it Wendy’s first day back from her trip to sunny California, but it’s the return of Wine Down.  


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