An Audio Audit from Wendy & the kids

It had been a while since I had sampled the joys of the audiobook, but a recent road trip to Vermont gave our family the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a of couple great stories.

First off, we listened to The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson & the Olympians #1 by Rick Riordan.

Lightning Thief

Three quarters of our family had already read it, but my husband felt left out and wanted to catch up before we go see the movie ASAP when it’s released next month. (Looks awesome btw–here’s a trailer!)

The audio is really fun, with a great reader. One problem is that some of the weaker points in the plot stand out a little more sharply in audio, because we’re all used to a little faster pace in plot & less gullible heroes in film and audio. Overall though it’s a great choice for a family ride – plenty of action with Gods vs. Monsters, and the kids’ modern diction & flippant attitude will totally appeal to the kiddos in the back seat. As an added bonus, everyone gets a refresher course in Greek Mythology – always a good thing!

After hanging out in the fantasy world of Percy for 9 hours, we switched to something a little different in Seasbiscuit.

Now I was passionate about this book when it came out in 2001, so I was predisposed to love jumping back into the crazy world of horse racing, 1930’s-style. I also thought it would be a real education for the kids (who, by the way, are 9 and 12) and I was right. Interspersed with the heart-pounding down-to-the-wire finishes was a lot of great information about the Depression and what life was like during that time. We should have gone with the abridged version, because there was some redundancy as we rolled along, but overall it was a great choice.

With vacation week coming up, many of us have road trips in store. I heartily recommend curling up in the car with an audiobook – they really can be fun for the whole family.

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