Craftin’ for Carnivale

Friday afternoon was another craft filled fun time at Bookworks.  In honor of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday (which was last Tuesday) the kiddies and I made masks.  I found a simple mask pattern online so the kids could use it to trace their mask onto a piece of cardstock (something substantial to attach their other collage goodies to) and the cover paper of their choosing.  The finishing touches were all them… whatever their little hearts desired.  Crazy eyes, funky patterns, text, ribbon and lots of rubber cement helped them make masterpieces.  Henry became a rockstar at curling ribbon.  Keep him in mind for your holiday wrapping needs.

(Evelyn was a busy little bee right up until she had to leave and I didn’t get a picture of just her mask.)  We used wooden skewers for the handles.  I gave them the option to tie them with string or hold them up with the skewers, skewers won unanimously.  They look great, right?….

Next week we’re putting Crafternoon on pause.  We hope everyone enjoys their holiday travels and time off and we’ll see you when you’re back on the island.


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