Cookworks “Fairy Tale Feasts”

We’ve been saving this bad boy for the very special occasion I like to call, Today.  Today is actually Wilhelm Grimm’s birthday and I thought it would super sweet to have a whole week dedicated to fairy tales.  Who doesn’t love fairy tales?… okay, fun-haters do, obviously, but aside from them, who?  … No one, that’s who.  Cool people love fairy tales and fairy tale lovers are cool.  I don’t make this stuff up, I just spread it around.

So for all you cool people out there… feast your eyes on this…

Fairy Tale Feasts is a cute cookbook, with stories and recipes, for cool people of any age.  The recipes are pretty simple and the stories are classic.  Suzanne and I made a few examples …

Lemon Chicken

prepared by Dani

I’m no sour puss…I love love love lemon, so this sounded great.  There are only a handful of ingredients and I had most of them, but to make life better I conned my husband into going to the store for the chicken and lemon.  Yahtzee!

You slice the chicken into strips.

Put them in the skillet with butter, adding your flour and tarragon mixture.

Add your chicken broth and cover with lemon slices.  It looks really pretty right?  I didn’t want to disturb it.  It’s edible art!

Pairing it with couscous was nothing short of genius… it certainly didn’t suck!  Super easy, fast, and good.

Carrot Soup

prepared by Suzanne

Easter is coming so we thought we’d start getting ready. Really this is just a puree of some nice fresh veggies that took no time to put together.I used chicken stock instead of bullion

and topped it with sour cream instead of heavy cream. Served it with great bread from Centre Street Bistro, thank you Ruth and Tim. This soup can be eaten with your wings on or off. Andy eats his with his wings on of course.

Very French Toast

prepared by Dani

So I had to make this recipe too.  I haven’t had french toast in forever, and after making this and serving it to my Lithuanian husband, I think this was his first time ever.  It was, again, a simple yet delicious recipe.

Before we get too far into this though I’d like to give a thank-you shout out to Wendy. She gave me a beautiful set of bowls…My pathetic muffin batter mixing in the bowl almost too small was what triggered this.  Pretty sweet, right?  Thanks Wendy.

Back to business…

Mix together your eggs and spices

Dip your bread

Put it in the skillet

Done and done.

Simon liked his sans syrup, but I like to rock Vermont Maple Syrup.  If you’re in New England, baby… take advantage!

Being the awesome wife that I am, I served Simon breakfast in bed.  Sunday is his only day off so he sleeps in. He loved it.  How could he not, cinnamon is a mood elevator.

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