Cookworks “The Original VW Camper Cookbook”

I wish I could say our delay on posting this tasty blog was because we were on the road, cooking our way across the country in our spiffy VW.  Alas, no, it was just a small technical difficulty, completely remedied.  Our lust for a VW Bookmobile, however, is still ardently in tact.  So, if you or someone you know has a VW Camper feel more than free to send it our way, we love gifts.  We’ll also except the ability to purchase said VW.  We just want a VW Camper.

But until we get our sweet sweet ride, we make do with our dreams and fantasies, and this cookbook… here’s some wunderbar creations from The Original VW Camper Cookbook.

Spanish Tortilla

prepared by Suzanne

The only thing that could have made this better would have been if we were sitting in our VW van let’s say maybe in some great coastal European town with our boys and there was surf! Once again fast, easy and good. Sliced potatoes, onions and garlic and let them sit in a pan with olive oil, salt and pepper until tender. Took that all out of the pan and into a bowl where it was mixed with red pepper, spinach and beaten eggs. Back into the pan until it set. Cheese and tabasco on top. Dinner!

Penne Courgette and Parmesan

prepared by Dani

The size of my kitchen (small, some might say cozy but I say small) and my extreme dislike for washing dishes made this book a dream come true.  Because it’s designed for camping you don’t use a large number of dishes and pans.  Score!While the pasta is going in the pot, toast the pine nuts in the pan.  When they’re good and toasty add the coined zucchini. I have to say I was a little nervous about how toasted the pine nuts were getting … some of them were really dark. Not to ruin the surprise but it all works out in the end.  The toasted pine nuts tasted a little like popcorn.  How can that be bad?  The zucchini took a little while to cook, but my whole wheat pasta took even longer.  Just a heads up if you like to use whole wheat instead of regular pasta, it takes longer for sure, so start it a little earlier.  While all that was going on I shaved up some parmesan. This may seem like common sense to others, but I guess I’m a little slow; you can’t shave parmesan with the cheese grater slicer thing.  The cheese just crumbles.  But that’s okay, you can just cut it with a knife, it makes thin flakes just fine.  Once everything is cooked, top the penne with the zucchini and nuts, add some shaved parmesan and a little squeeze of lemon.  Simon even liked it, and that’s saying a lot considering I used whole wheat pasta and no meat.



3 thoughts on “Cookworks “The Original VW Camper Cookbook”

  1. Wish I lived closer to you cooks and then would suggest you have a tasting for the food you cook and I would volunteer. I love reading the book reviews but I love to read. The cooking even sounds fun and that I don’t enjoy. Keep up the great work ladies.

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