Happy Birthday Dick!

Wow… I’m super late on this blog.  Sorry, this should have been breaking news…March 8th was Dick’s 70th birthday!  After all those years it was his first surprise party which I thought was pretty cool.  The BW crew snuck into the upstairs at the Brotherhood of Thieves, the restaurant right next door to the bookstore, and sipped our drinks and watched Dick close up shop.  Monday is $5 burger night and even though they’re always busy the Brotherhood let us have the whole backroom upstairs.  It was the perfect situation… we could spy on Dick as he closed the store and we could make sure we’d be ready when he was headed our way.

But, leave it to Dick to work an hour extra on his birthday.  Our group was getting pretty anxious, but we calmed ourselves with our beverages and appetizers.  When Dick finally arrived we all sang Happy Birthday and he opened his cards.  We all pitched in to get him some euros for his trip across the pond.  Dick goes to Ireland every April for the Cuirt International Festival of Literature.

Pretty much the whole Bookworks cast of characters showed up with a few friends sprinkled in.

The Bennett Family and their rocking hair was present, clearly.  But once they rolled out …poor Melanie had no one on her side of the table…(I just thought this picture was great.. hope Melanie thinks so too.) at least there were desserts.  Thanks Cristina.

Wendy was a most gracious host and I want to say thanks again for a wonderful night out.  And a thanks to Frank Cunningham for allowing us to bogart the birthday boy.


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