Top o’ the Crafternoon & Craft Magnatism

The Crafternoon after St. Patrick’s Day was all big eyes and bright colors.  I collected some sticks on my walk in to work and let the creative technicians go to town painting a snake.  (not unlike the snakes Saint Patrick chased out of Ireland… get it?)

Color theme was a big deal.  What kind of snake, what color, and what pattern?  These were the questions to ponder on such an occasion.  The kids handled it like pros.  Glow-in-the-dark was very popular although I never found out if it really worked since instead of painting it over the top of another color, they mixed the glow-in-the-dark and the color together.  I have a feeling that didn’t fly.  But, fun was had while painting and that’s what counts.

I didn’t bring a pink paint but one was mixed up in two shakes of a snakes tail.

Ruby’s careful painting couldn’t keep her hands clean…

It was a badge of honor.  Clearly only awesome artists have painted hands.

After finishing the paint job, we were ready for the final detail…

the eyes….

Zeb even gave us a visual customer review…

The kiddies snake, rattle, and rolled their new little buddies up in some newspaper and took them home.  Nobody has chased the snakes off of this island.

_____ ___ ___ _______________ _________ _______ _ _ ____________

After I’d posted the snake Crafternoon and moved on, I discovered the pictures from our magnet Crafternoon.  So, I doubled back like the Outlaw Josey Wales to put these up…

Wendy brought in her crafting goodies… glass beads, glue and surprisingly strong little magnets, plus a good assortment of magazines.  The kids had a good time sliding a bead around on a page, finding just the right place to cut out their little circle.

Glue them together and Voila!

The boys were pretty entertained by the magnets and their attracting and repelling each other.  Wendy carefully placed each magnet to dry in the big metal box.  We crafted up a good number.


2 thoughts on “Top o’ the Crafternoon & Craft Magnatism

  1. It looks like all had a wonderful day. I am not a huge fan of snakes but these looked like very creative snakes! I am glad you are back to posting as I enjoy reading about what you are doing.

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