Cookworks “Apples for Jam”

Apples for Jam by Tessa Kiros

This cookbook has been a Bookworks favorite for a few years.  Personally, I’ve always been a fan of the chapters.  Each section, instead of being “bread,” “dessert,” or “main course” is divided into colors.  How brilliant?!  The most beautiful cookbook… and it’s filled with Tessa Kiros’ personal little anecdotes.  Suzanne said she could just curl up and read this book.

Sausage and Lentils

prepared by Suzanne

The snow on the daffodils made me cold so I went for a nice warm the insides kind of dinner, sausage and lentils. There was the chopping of onions, carrots and parsley. Add a few whole skinned cloves of garlic to your pot of sauteed goodness, some water and let it all simmer until the water is gone… about 40 minutes so go do something fun. Saute the sausages, add chopped parsley to the lentils and serve it up.

Beef and Potato Croquettes

prepared by Dani

Meat and potatoes… right up my husband’s alley.  Plus these little guys kind of look like chicken nuggets, which always makes me a bit nostalgic.  I’d also like to note at this time that the recipe calls for “about 4 potatoes”  ….?  I thought that was a funny thing to approximate, but I just rolled with it and bought four.Boil the spuds ’til they’re good and soft,

mash them up and mix them with the meat, parmesan, and egg.  *Note* I picked this recipe because it included grated parmesan and my mom sent me a sweet hard cheese grater for my birthday.  Unfortunately, I went to the Grand Union grocery store and couldn’t locate block parmesan.  So maybe next time I’ll get to showcase my new kitchen buddy, but for this recipe it just didn’t work out. *Un-note*

After you have everything mixed together, you make your little nuggets and then coat them in the bread crumbs.

Put them on an oiled pan “packed like tight soldiers” obviously just meaning close together.  I’m not in the military… I don’t know how close soldiers are allowed to get, but mine were really friendly with each other.

Pop those pans in the oven until their crispy and then enjoy.  The recipe says these little soldiers tend to be a hit with children, but adults in my house didn’t have a problem putting them away.  Tessa Kiros has more amazing cookbooks that you should check out… and definitely scroll thru the google preview, yo.

Falling Cloudberries




One thought on “Cookworks “Apples for Jam”

  1. My daughter gave me this cookbook some time back. I am not a fan of cooking but do love and collect cook books. This one has such great pictures. When I saw your blog I had to get it back out and go through it again. I do enjoy the book and your food looks just as great as hers in the book. Thanks for bringing this into my day. Keep on cooking and writing!

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