Cookworks “Now Eat This”

A guy came into the store the other week and was asking if we had this cookbook.  At the time we didn’t but when he mentioned that it contained a bunch of low-fat recipes, one in particular being black bean brownies, we had to see what was up.

This book of intrigue is Rocco Dispirito‘s Now Eat This.


prepared by Suzanne

So here are the ingredients for these black bean brownies: 11/2 C black beans,1/2 C unsweetened cocoa powder, 1T espresso powder( I used Nantucket Coffee Roasters coffee), 3/4 C egg substitute, 2 T sugar free chocolate syrup( I used regular), 2 T fat free sour cream (I used fat free greek yogurt) 1T melted butter, 28 packets(84g) of Truvia or 8T granulated Splenda( I used real sugar) and 1tsp vanilla.

I have to just start with “what a difference a day makes”. For easter I made a coconut cake that had 6 sticks of butter for the cake and frosting combined, yes 6, 5 eggs, buttermilk and the beat goes on… do I need to tell you which one tasted better? These brownies look good but whoa not so good. There is my son Zeb with his nice cold glass of milk, he bites into the brownie and had to make a quick trip to the trash. Not even my husband would finish his and this is a person who will eat pretty much anything! Listen if you want to eat a brownie find the richest, gooiest one you can find and enjoy it. Sweets are not meant to be fat free!

Loaded Nachos with Turkey, Black Beans, and Salsa

prepared by Dani

I must be honest, I didn’t make my recipe yet but I couldn’t wait any longer to blog this.  I’ll add my info this weekend.  Hopefully it can pull this cookbook to a C average.  To be continued……

Okay, here it is.  The verdict is in and the five people that ate these little concoctions had a smile on their faces.  In short we’re fans.

Here’s how it’s done…

Brown your ground turkey and add in the black bean dip.  Spoon the mixture into the baked tortilla scoops after you arrange them on a baking sheet.

Bake for about six minutes and add your cheese and other toppings.  I put the little guys back in the oven to melt the cheese then put the salsa and lettuce on top.  The recipe calls for cilantro, which I bought but then went over to my buddy’s house to make it and remembered everything except the cilantro.  No worries, though, Carmen, aforementioned buddy, has a food processor that chopped up some lettuce for us in two shakes of a lambs tale.

It was excellent.  Not only was this not bad for you, but each nacho being individual was super convenient.

Shrimp Pad Thai

prepared by Beth

After the not good dessert results Dani and I thought we should give this cookbook one more try, this time on an entrée since we had only tried the sweet stuff so far.  When I had first looked through the book the Shrimp Pad Thai caught my eye.  I had a hard time finding any rice noodles let alone brown rice noodles, so I settled for normal rice noodles in a ramen style noodle pack and just discarded the sauce.  I also took a special trip over to Sayle’s to get some shrimp because the selection at the grocery store was scary.

The ingredients go together pretty quickly, and the rice noodles only needed 3 minutes to cook, so I did all my chopping and measuring before I started.  That’s when I realized I had the wrong kind of stir-fry sauce (sweet and sour not teriyaki) but I dumped it in anyway. I boiled a big pot of water and added the veggies, noodles, and shrimp to cook.  In another pan I mixed the sauce together.  About 5 minutes later (wanted to be sure the shrimp were cooked through) I drained the noodles et al and tossed them with the sauce.  Then I made my roommate come and eat it.  She liked it not knowing I used the wrong sauce or that it was a ‘diet’ recipe.  But maybe that isn’t saying a whole lot.  This is someone who has a hard time boiling eggs.  Anyway, I thought it was good too, didn’t really taste like Pad Thai, but maybe that was because of my sauce substitution.  I’d probably make this again, the ingredients are simple enough and it goes together very quickly.  I ate the leftovers the next day and they were even pretty good cold.  So the moral of the story: try the entrees in a diet cookbook before the desserts.  I did try the tiramisu recipe, too, but didn’t blog about it.  It was OK, the filling was yummy, but the coffee/ladyfingers thing was nasty.  I ended up scraping the filling off the ladyfingers and then throwing the sodden ladyfingers away. It made the trash can smell funny.


2 thoughts on “Cookworks “Now Eat This”

  1. I love the realness of this blog! The picture of son Zeb is priceless. You are very adventuress to make black bean brownies. I always look forward to this section. Keep baking and writing.

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