April 17th poem

My friend came over to my apartment before work today and while we were hanging out she asked if we could watch the movie  A Love Song for Bobby Long.  We watched it last week but it’s one of my faves… I can watch it over and over.  It’s based on the book Off Magazine Street by Ronald Everett Capps, and takes place in New Orleans.  The soundtrack is awesome and has a handful of songs by Grayson Capps, the son of Ronald Everett Capps.

Anyway… after watching the movie this rainy afternoon I was in the mood for a little jazz.  So here you go, from the book Jazz by Walter Dean Myers. (which has beautiful illustrations by his son Christopher Myers… another father/son duo, what a coincidence?!)

It’s Jazz

I hear the call of the cornet

I hear a swinging clarinet

They’re playing HOT jazz in the heat

Of old New Orleans

The rattling banjo pays its dues

To the Preservation blues

They’re playing HOT jazz in the heat

Of old New Orleans

There’s a crazy syncopation

And it’s tearing through the nation

And it’s bringing sweet elation

To every single tune

It’s jazz

There’s a drummer rat-a-tatting

There’s a patent shoe that’s patting

While a laid-back cat is scatting

About flying to the moon

It’s jazz

In the HEAT of New Orleans

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