Cookworks “Flat Belly Diet”

Who doesn’t want a flat belly? … and with beach season upon, it’s time to shed that winter weight.  Do it without giving up good food with The Flat Belly Diet.

Turkey with Green Mole

prepared by Dani

Well, first off I didn’t find organic turkey cutlets but chicken is a good substitute as far as I’m concerned so this recipe became Chicken with Green Mole.

After chopping up the veggies and cooking them and toasting your pine nuts…

blend it all together in a food processor with the chicken broth.  I think it was at this point… when I was done with the hotplate and Carmen started to heat her butternut squash (not a part of our Cookworks Blog) that the smoke alarm went off.  It was crazy!  I’ve never heard an alarm like that.  It actually spoke… something along the lines of “Fire. Please Evacuate.  Fire.”  It beeped a lot too, but Carmen opened the door and some window and after much fanning, quiet was restored.  So, we went back to our cooking.

Since we were taking turns on the little stove, I used the mole as a salsa for tortilla chips until I could cook up my chicken boobies.   Delicious!After eating a million chips dipped in my mole Carmen and I decided to split a helping (the picture above)  but we went back instantly for seconds.  The chicken was okay, but the mole made it.  I’m totally making this again in the summer when I can grill the meat.

Walnut Grain Burgers

prepared by Suzanne

These were really good, Walnut Grain Burgers! Well so as usual I changed it up a little.I always think of walnuts having a slight bitter taste to them so I used pecans and almonds instead. I did not make as much as they said… thought ten burgers were more than I needed last night. I used two cups of cooked brown rice instead of the two cups of instant brown rice they asked for which would have doubled the amount. Just happened to have left over rice in the fridge. Cooked up the carrot and onion in a little bit of water until soft since I wasn’t making the rice the way they suggested and then blended it all together… same in the end. Went to Bartlett’s Farm and bought these great gluten free rolls that Randy Hudson turned me on to… Against the Grain and instead of lettuce I used arugula. I’ll do these again but I still have bad thoughts about those Black Bean Brownies from last week…ugh.

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