Calm Down

Roddy Doyle gave a good reading of a short story at the Cuirt Festival in Galway this past week.  And at my guest house I was reading selections from a collection of essays about the Irish writer and dramatist John Millington Synge.  One of the essays is Roddy Doyle’s about the difficulties of getting Dublin inner city  kids to appreciate literature and about how Synge’s play The Playboy of the Western World worked surprisingly well because the kids got the characters.  When he asked them to take parts for a classroom reading of the play, instead of doing their usual ducking and hesitating, it was

“‘Me.’                                                                                                                                          ‘Please, Sir.’                                                                                                                             ‘Me.'”

Other writers didn’t work very well.  Yeats.

“‘Sir, why didn’t he just ask her to go with him?'”

Then I saw the picture posted here of the gorgeous daffodils from Patti and Prenny Claflin and saw Wordsworth’s Daffodils poem and  remembered

“I spent hours and hours trying to convince them that Wordsworth      wasn’t an eejit.  ‘They’re only flowers, Sir. Calm down.'”


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