Cookworks “12 Best Foods Cookbook”

Still on a bit of health kick… I can’t get a beach body in one good meal and Suzanne, being the good sport that she is, rolls with it.  This week we rocked The 12 Best Foods Cookbook by Dana Jacobi.

Spinach Pesto

prepared by Suzanne

I am just not down with tofu in my pesto and some of you might feel that way about spinach but I stuck with the spinach and booted the tofu. Switched out walnuts for almonds and pecans and added some sundried  tomatoes to my olive oil, garlic, Asiago, lemon juice, little bit of basil  goodness. Put it over some rice pasta added a side of asparagus… green is where its at.

Mexican Red Beans and Rice

prepared by Dani

Lately I’ve really been craving the Mexican cuisine, not too sure why… other than it’s so darn tasty.  So this week’s recipe really fit the bill.  Plus it’s simple, as long as you can cook rice.  It’s hit or miss with me, but I lucked out and the rice turned out perfect, even though I didn’t ‘dry fry’ it as suggested on the back of the package.  My mom mailed it to me, among other goodies, awhile back.  She picked it up at the Amish grocery store a little over an hour drive from her house, in Iowa of course.  Those Amish know what’s up.  While the rice was cooking I chopped up the onion, pepper and garlic.  Put those in a pan and cook until translucent then add your tomatoes and let simmer.  When that’s heated add your beans and rice and heat again.  The beans and rice alone were delicious but we spiced it up by adding some chicken and organic cheese and making wraps.  A margarita as a sidekick and dinner is served.  Muy Bueno!


One thought on “Cookworks “12 Best Foods Cookbook”

  1. You can make red beans and rice look good! I would pass that and stay with the ever favorite margarita. The Spinach Pesto would also go well with a margarita.
    Keep sharing your cooking ladies you make it look good!

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