Cookworks “The New Portuguese Table”

The New Portuguese Table by David Leite.This book is fantastic!  The photos are great and the recipes are delicious and explained so that even I can rock a recipe like a pro.  Two thumbs way up.

Black Eyed Peas

prepared by Dani

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten blackeyed peas in my life.  So I thought there’s no time like the present.  

I had my doubts… they didn’t smell as awesome as my red beans and rice from the week before, but once we got the other veggies going, my taste buds perked up.

It was really easy and a lot faster than I thought it would be since I started with dried peas.  It was good… not as good as last weeks but I think it’s just my preference toward red beans and rice.  The recipe makes A LOT.  If I was just feeding myself it would take a week to eat it all but I think my husband and our roommates will make short work of it.

I wanted to say thanks to my mom for this spiffy cheese grater.  It works perfectly for parmesan, which is what we’ve been adding to the top of the black eyed peas.  It adds a little something something.  I highly recommend it.  Thanks Mom.

**  My buddy, Carmen, made the Portuguese Pizza and said it was super tasty.  She forgot to take pictures but I’d say the fact that she and her beau ate it all speaks for itself.

Portuguese Sweet Bread

prepared by Suzanne

Portuguese Sweet Bread… yum. There was this really nice man that knocked on our door one day and asked if he could hunt rabbit on our property. I’m not usually into hunting or guns and I’m not big on strangers with guns or anyone with guns. This guy was different really nice in an old fashioned way… hard to explain… just a feeling. So we said yes. Somehow you could tell this wasn’t just for sport it was for stocking the larder and feeding his family. Anyway off he went with his hundreds of barking beagles. I actually had forgotten all about it until a few weeks later I came home to find a loaf of Portuguese Sweet bread at my door from a bake shop in New Bedford. That’s where he came from and  every once in a while I would come home to find a fresh loaf on my porch that he had carried here for us from his home. See what I mean? This went on for about three years and then nothing. I think of that nice person every time I hear those hunters in the woods with their dogs and of course when I have  delicious sweet bread.

Well I made some. I just can’t give up bread or chocolate. You really need to be doing things around the house when you make bread, it’s a bit of mixing, kneading and rising… and worth it. Then you turn it into some golden slices better known as French Toast.


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