Cookworks “The Kind Diet”

The Kind Diet seems to be working for Alicia Silverstone.  

She looks awesome… better even than she did in the 90’s.  Excess Baggage was on TV the other day which make me take notice of this cookbook.  (sidenote:  Mentioning Excess Baggage, ridiculous movie but I can’t change the channel.  I think it’s my love for Benicio Del Toro)  Anyway, when it came time to choose the cookbook of the week, Silverstone popped out at me.

Chorizo Tacos

prepared by Dani

The problem happened to be that my husband was sick of my vegetarian concoctions and wanted real, meat, sausages.  Sorry Alicia.  I know its so totally unkind and defeats the point of using this cookbook but we were already committed.It’s a taco… easy and clearly delicious.  I’ve had black bean burgers, which can be super tasty (best I ever had was from the Black Beetle in Chicago, Il… give it a try if you’re in the area) but I’ve never had a tofu sausage.  I’m a little sad that we didn’t give it a try, but a marriage requires a give and take.

Simon didn’t like that the corn tortillas were small so he had to make 3 or 4 tacos before he was full.  I normally buy wheat flour tortillas, which take up the whole plate. But corn are my favorite, I don’t care how small they are, they’re sooooo tasty and there are 30 in a pack.  Knock yourself out making tacos, they’re are so many of those little suckers that you can’t possibly go through them all in one sitting.

Everything topped off with a little Sriracha… perfection.

Moroccan Couscous

prepared by Suzanne

I won’t be rushing out to make this again. It’s not like it was terrible it just wasn’t memorable. Maybe the large grain Italian couscous was the wrong call. A pretty picture but just OK on the taste buds. A combination of good eats… butternut squash, zucchini, onion,  carrot, cumin and saffron. I don’t know… it was just alright. A little better the next day cold from the fridge.


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