You down with NYC? Yeah, you know me…

Wendy and I ventured to New York for Book Expo 2010.  What a great trip!  We went off island bright and early Monday morning and traveled up to Powerhouse Arena in the DUMBO district.  Cisco was a sponsor for the Tweetup there, so Wendy dropped off some delicious Whales Tale Pale Ale.(now available in cans!)  The event wasn’t until Wednesday evening, so we went on to our hotel, to ditch the car and hit the town.

We took the train downtown to meet up with one of Wendy’s buddies at a great margarita place.  The walls were super cool; little diving men, backlit with flowing water.

We needed to be back near the hotel towards early evening, so we headed back by our hotel and found one of the Best Bars of New York.  PJ Clarke’s. (We did make it to a few other’s but forgot to document, sorry)

This picture is a little blurry, but we were just starting our night.  My vision didn’t process like this until much later.  Cheers!

While Wendy was catching up with some NYC buddies, I had some time to go on walkabout.  Times Square was pretty close to the hotel so I wandered down.

Wendy and I met back up so she could take me to one of her favorite bars, The Dive Bar. The bartender was fantastic, we bonded over Jameson and Ginger Ale.  The owner of this bar also owns Dive 75 and Broadway Dive.  Check ’em out.  On our way there we found this awesome whale.  Thar she blows!

That night I moved rooms.  Wendy’s room was totally big enough for the both of us, so we consolidated.  What a great view, huh?!

There were little parties on this rooftop.  We kept saying we were going to try to sneak up and crash one, alas, we never got around to that.  In NYC there’s just so much to do.

After our Expo events Wednesday we headed back to the Powerhouse Arena for the Tweetup Event.  The Empire State Building was quite a sight…

and so was the Brooklyn Bridge.

After the Tweetup we had some dinner in the meatpacking district and then caught Mulebone, a favorite band of Wendy’s, at The Ear Inn, another bar on our “Best Bars” tour.

Thursday was our last morning so I snapped some pictures on our drive out.  Columbus Circle…

Central Park on our right…

And finally after a bit of a drive, we were on a ferry headed back to Nantucket.  The moon was crazy!


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