Audio Audit “Nature Girl”

Summer is here and the streets of Nantucket are jumping.  I’m still listening to my audio, but I have to admit… not as much.  With things picking up I’m just not with my iPod as much.  People to see and places to go cut into my audio.

I’ve never read any Carl Hiassen before and when I stumbled upon “Nature Girl” in audio, I was intrigued.  The book centers on a lovable kook of a woman who is just fed up with phone solicitors interrupting her dinner time.  So, she hunts one in particular down, cons him into a trip to the everglades and plans to give him a piece of her mind.  The premise alone was great, but Hiasson totally rounded this novel out with believable dialogue and personable characters.

The narrator is also money.  She has a voice for all the characters, and there’s a lot.  It made me wonder how she could keep track of all of the them and remember what voice she gave them.  However she does it, she’s got it down.

Even though it’s a murder mystery, it’s not really scary or creepy.  There is language not suitable for the kiddies, but it’s not over the top.  It just helps with character development.  This is an audio for anyone who likes fiction; a great story and a great narrator.  I’m officially a Hiaasen fan.

I give this book an A-.  Even if you don’t listen to it, you should read it.  Take it to the beach, take it on your vacations… whatever your summer plans, bring Carl Hiaasen with you.


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