Cookworks “Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast”

Martha Stewart was our fearless leader this week in Cookworks land.  I actually didn’t know that until writing this blog.  I can’t say that I’m a fan of Martha Stewart, but after scoping out this cookbook, I just could be.  The recipes are easy, there are beautiful pictures on every other page, and the food that you make is delicious.  Two thumbs up!

Moo Shu Pork

prepared by Suzanne

It was Father’s Day, Andy wanted a strawberry rhubarb pie. What the heck goes with strawberry rhubarb pie?… pretty much nothing. Melissa Panchy comes into the book store so I grill her,”what’s for dinner?” The rest is history, Moo Shu Pork. Success! Lots of chopping and different putting it together steps but doable even after a day of Ironman cheering. For all you food people I’m sure you could figure out what goes with strawberry rhubarb pie but me, I was stuck.

Portobella Burgers

prepared by Dani

I’ve never had a Portobella burger before and now that I have, I may never have a regular burger again.  They’re flippin’ delicious.  The simple marinade does wonders and makes the burger so juicy, it’s borderline ridiculous!  You end up with a puddle on your plate but the mess is totally worth it.  The recipe calls for each burger to have two mushroom caps but the Stop-n-Shop had really large mushrooms so we only needed one per sandwich.  I also replaced the goat cheese with feta.  I had a block already at home so I rolled with it.  Martha said to marinade the mushrooms and peppers for half an hour and then get your grill on, but we had so much that we left half to marinade over night… that’s where the money is!  If you have the time, that’s the way to go.  Those things were so delicious, I’m still salivating!


One thought on “Cookworks “Everyday Food: Fresh Flavor Fast”

  1. Welcome back ladies. I kept checking but you had not written so I was glad to get an e-mail saying you had blogged. They both look delicious.
    Keep on cooking and writing.

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