Cookworks “Lulu Powers Food To Flowers”

We’ve had the most charming cookbook on our front table for the past few weeks.  I kept picking it up and flipping through it but didn’t commit to it for the blog until Lulu Powers herself walked into the store to sign some copies for a few of her friends.  I was extremely impressed by how personable and down to earth she was.  So after she left, I gave her cookbook a serious look.  The recipes are as user-friendly as the cookbook is beautiful.  And the food we made was pretty delicious too…

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Boursin

prepared by Dani

Okay team, as usual I wanted to rock something pretty easy, and joy of joys there were lots to choose from in this little gem of a cookbook.  But I was thinking a dish that would work if I ever entertain or if I need to bring something to a potluck would be good to have in my bag of tricks, so I decided on the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto.

It’s as straightforward as it sounds.  Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto with a delicious dose of Boursin cheese.  I also enjoyed that although this did require some time in the oven, it was super minimal so the house didn’t become a sauna.

I only have one small baking sheet so I had to put these little spears into the oven in three installations.  My roommate and my cousin were eating them as fast as I could cook them.  Two thumbs way up.  These were super easy and crazy delicious.

Tomato-Brie Penne

Prepared by Julia

This recipe was listed under a section of the cookbook entitled “A Guys-Only Dinner,” but after trying this recipe I find that to be unfair. Anyone should have the chance to enjoy this delicious meal. I am a pasta fiend myself so I found it the perfect recipe to try.

The meal is very simple to prepare, most of it consisting of lots and lots of chopping. The recipe calls for 6-8 plum tomatoes – yeah, that picture shows less than half of that – and 1.5 lbs of brie cheese, all of it finely chopped. Thankfully I had my mom around to help with the chopping. Add a whole box of penne and you end up with enough gooey, delicious pasta to feed a small army.

I ended up with less brie than the recipe suggests,  since I didn’t have that many people to feed… and I couldn’t help but steal a few chunks before it got thrown into the bowl. Thankfully after trying the pasta we determined the smaller amount of cheese was more than enough.

So here it is, served with fresh corn on the cob and some nice roast chicken. It was delish! Even the kitty came to the table hoping to steal a bite.

The pasta also made a good lunch the next day, either cold or re-heated. Gotta say, I am pretty impressed, Lulu Powers!


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