Audio Audit “Lost City of Z”

My first non-fiction audio.  When I think of nonfiction audio books I always think of self-help; not so much my cup of tea.  Instead The Lost City of Z was a great history/adventure book that I would liken to John Krakauer. I felt like I was listening to a segment on the Discovery or History Channel.  David Grann does as wonderful a job writing the tale as Mark Deakins does reading it.  (which is a compliment, for those of you who are confused)

The main branch of the book follows the explorations of British explorer, Percy Fawcett, who disappeared into the Amazon almost a century ago.  It was believed by many that the world’s largest jungle contained the city of  “El Dorado” and numerous explorers ventured into the dangerous Amazon to find it.  After Fawcett’s disappearance, however, finding him and his team became just as enticing. Grann sprinkles a number of these expeditions into his tale, including the one he, himself took.

Exciting and informative, this book piques the interest of that little explorer in all of us.  And not only is it enjoyable, but you get to feel smarter when you’re filled with it’s Amazonian knowledge.  Where I come from they call that two birds with one stone.

Solid B+

David Grann has a new book that you can check out on our website…

The Devil and Sherlock Holmes


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