Everything is Groovy

I’ve recently returned from a quick trip to New Orleans.  I’d never been before and I had an amazing time walking the streets of the French Quarter, soaking up all that Cajun and Creole culture.  I got to eat alligator (tasted like chicken, but doesn’t everything?), drink my fair share of adult beverages, and enjoy some amazing local music.

Walking down Royal Street, checking out all the art galleries, I happen upon this…

That’s right!!! An entire art gallery filled with my children’s book buddy, Pete the Cat by artist James Dean!

I first fell in love the book last year when I went with Wendy to the Book Expo in NYC.  There was a booth that had some children’s books and little corresponding plush dolls (Pete was among them).  While Wendy chatted it up with the ladies at the booth, I read Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.  Awesome!  Such a fantastic story for kids… great messege, fun illustrations, and plenty of repetition for learning a few colors and words.  It even comes with a free CD so you can keep the groovin’ going when you’re not reading.

So if you haven’t had the pleasure of hanging out with Pete the Cat, stop in at Bookworks and we’ll introduce you.  Until next time, keep movin’ along singin’ your song.


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