Never Grow Up

I don’t care that I’m almost thirty, I love picture books.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  If you’re like me, you’d be more than stoked to fill your shelves with row after row of books allegedly intended for tiny readers.  Why should all those amazing illustrations be wasted on the young?

Well, they shouldn’t and I’m here to tell you something else… along with those bound bundles of art are some great stories.

I couldn’t possibly talk about all my favorites at once.  That’s just silly… you’d be reading this blog for days.  So I’m going to take this slowly.  Baby steps, you might say.

Since I just sold a copy tonight, I’m going to kick this cyber, literary Never Never Land off with some Rainbow Goblins. (Not to be confused with the equally awesome “Rainbow Connection.”)

The Rainbow Goblins are seven hideous little beasts; one for each color of the rainbow.  They love color and travel the world devouring the beautiful rainbows until only one valley remains where rainbows are born.  When they find this valley, they also find their demise and color can again take over the world.

It’s hard not to dig this little gem.


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