Mom’s Night Out with Rosalyn Hoffman

Mitchell’s Book Corner

Nantucket Room

Friday, October 26th

5:30 to 6:30pm


Called a ‘lifestyle-guru’ Rosalyn Hoffman has written Smart Money, Smart Mama compiling the tips and tricks she’s learned in her careers as marketer, mother, and writer to produce an all-in-one guide to frugal parenting. Written to other mothers in tone, but not gender-specific in content, this valuable tome offers suggestions on how to survive the giant-plastic-stuff phase of infancy and paying for college, though the bulk of her advice is focused on the many years between.

Just when you think know it all, a kid comes along and shows you otherwise.

I thought I knew it all about frugal parenting. I had managed to be a stay at home mom for 12 years on Nantucket while my husband supported us through his carpentry work. You can’t do that without being frugal. So needless to say, I thought this book would only reaffirm what I already know. It does that but puts the suggestions into a reality that I think many families, not just the ones willing to live in less that comfortable homes growing their own food,  could relate to.

Rosalyn Hoffman’s newest book Smart Mama, Smart Mama helps families navigate the important choices they have to make starting with fact that babies are not aliens nor are we as parents to feel like we need to get wrapped up in the “over privileged over-promoted baby people hustling their products, their bodies, their surgically enhanced looks, and now their babies. “ It’s not all about babies either. Even with older kids and planning for college, there is still so much to learn about finances. I for one know that I can always use guidance on how to save more effectively, how and what to invest in, and how to teach my kids how to budget without it becoming another Charlie Brown teacher moment.

This down to earth book will make you laugh out loud. Turn to the section on getting the goods, a chapter about buying good wholesome food without breaking the bank and the first sentence will make you shoot the organic milk your drinking right out of your nose. This book can be read cover to cover or just flip to the section you need the most. Each chapter has great resources in order to learn more. From babies, to summer camp, college, to family budgets and what that teaches our kids, this book has a little something for every smart mama.

I am looking forward to hearing what Rosalyn has to share tomorrow at her book discussion. We’d like to thank The Nantucket Community Network for Children for promoting the event like mad in their newsletter that goes out to many families with young kids. The Nantucket Lighthouse School has promoted it in their weekly letter home to all their students families. The Nantucket New School has our flier up, as do the Nantucket Public Schools.  We hope to see you all tonight!

— Sunny




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