We Have the Redstone Diaries!!!

A few years ago Dick gave me the Redstone Diary day planner as a holiday present.  What a treat!!  I loved it! I’m not much for organization (not that I don’t like organization, I’m just not one to stay organized).  But I loved carrying around this little gem and was sad when the year was over and my diary was obsolete.  So imagine my delight when I strolled into Ye Olde Bookworks today and found these beauts on the shelf!!

redstone diaries

The Redstone Webpage has some info…

Language is humankind’s greatest invention. The very means by which we create and express ourselves in the infinite variety of our human being. The Redstone Diary 2013 is a visual and linguistic spectacular. Here is language going about its miraculous everyday business: its ever-changing, never-failing diversity and virtuosity will surprise you, enchant you, intrigue and mystify you.

Redstone’s 25th Anniversary diary is a visual and linguistic spectacular. Here is language going about its miraculous everyday business: its ever-changing, never-failing diversity and virtuosity will surprise you, enchant you, intrigue and mystify you. Wake every morning of the year to its amazing presence, as inescapable and necessary as air and water!

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/43522030″>Redstone Diary 2013: The Language Diary</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/ideabooksnl”>Idea Books</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

My favorite, however, is Anne from Sacramento’s review (which I stole from the web)

First, over the years I have gone through stages of Filofax, PalmPilot, Moleskin, and Smythson diaries to manage my life. And I have an iPhone. But I remain attached to my Redstone Diary and I rue the day that Julian Rothenstein throws in the towel on this gem. For me the Redstone Diary is the perfect choice for the following reasons:

Size: Just right, not too large nor too small

Design: This is critical–week to a page is consistently on the right and there is ample room to enter information and reminders. The left side contains the themed art work and the layout usually offers you additional white space to enter what cannot be fit on the right side. I tend to use every inch of white space. The left side is also used to staple or paper clip week-related invitations, business cards, and other paperwork I prefer to retain.

Paper: Most engagement calendars are printed on glossy paper, which I hate since it is difficult to write on. Redstone’s mat finish is perfect for a pencil, Sharpie, ballpoint pen, or fountain pen. The paper’s weight is also perfect. It is thick enough to take a beating.

Two-sided envelope on the front for inserts. I have learned to reinforce it with clear packing tape because over the year it gets a beating and starts to come apart. One side holds personalized note cards and stamps for those times that I need to quickly dash off a thank you. The other side is stuffed with papers that need constant editing. The envelope is very handy to have though.

12 blank pages for notes in the front: Very useful. This year’s (2012) the paper was a grid pattern design, for 2013 it mimics a ruled notebook. 2012’s left side is a light yellow colored paper and the relatively small text message left a lot of blank space, which offers more writing space. For 2013, however, the paper is a dark blue and is nearly all taken up with text. The dark blue makes the text very, very difficult to read and write on. This was a bad decision–something rare for Redstone.

Two-page calendar that is divided into 12 squares to note special monthly events. Very handy to remind me when my dog needs his annual vaccines, I need my annual eye exam, when property taxes are due, etc.

7-page address book in the rear: This is handy for a few crucial contacts–especially when the iPhone loses juice.

3-year calendar (prior, current, and future) format is difficult for me to get my brain around. I just photocopy the one in my checkbook ledger and tape it in, which offers the traditional American Sunday through Saturday across the top with the days entered in below. Redstone’s layout has the days running on the left hand side, which my brain cannot handle for some reason.

Finally, Redstone each year choses a theme for its diary. This is really a currated publication. A lot of research and work goes into the theme design and they are always interesting and enlightening. They are never trite or predictable. For 2012 the theme is the senses and language has been selected for 2013. One of my favorites for 2013 (week of May 20) is a photograph of a white board in an office call center, which lists “gap fillers” to use such as “I am just finding that information for you” “I am just processing the claim for you”…where do they find this stuff? Fabulous selections of artwork.


A tango diagram… I mean, really?!  Show another day planner with moves like this. Al Pacino would approve.


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