T.G.I.F. – Nantucket Blue Review

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If you missed the Young Adult best-seller Nantucket Blue, check out Lizzy Skokan’s review of the book!

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howard is a great way to kick off a summer, especially one on Nantucket. Cricket Thompson hopes to come to magical Nantucket that she has heard so much from her best friend Jules. Alas Cricket has to change her plans when tragedy strikes Jules’ family and she is uninvited to Nantucket. Cricket comes to the island anyway to work her way through the summer and be with her friend during this difficult time. As is true with most tragedies, Jules has changed and doesn’t want Cricket around. Cricket must work the summer being a chambermaid and having a true Nantucket summer, come to work, stay to play.

Cricket’s character is developed into a layered individual. The romance of the novel doesn’t just happen but starts building on the first pages and feels incredibly realistic for a young adult novel. That is to say not an overnight romance or one where everything falls perfectly into place. Cricket’s determination to make something happen is an attitude that is difficult to portray for women without coming across as rude.

This novel is definitely on the lighter side but a realistic and perfect way for any youth to start out their summer, with hopes and plans building and building, until both happiness and utter disappointment are the only options left. I would make sure to keep an eye out come early May so you can get a jump-start on summer.

Read Nantucket Blue so you can get the sequel Nantucket Red which Just Arrived at Book works and Mitchell’s!  Order both books from the island that inspired the story!



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