Book Fest Author Reviews


Book Review – The Storyteller, Jody Picoult by Marsha Egan!

When Sage, a young baker, is befriended by a well respected 95 year old German teacher, who asked her to be the one to forgive him for crimes he committed, Her suspicians grow. In an intricate web that incorporates present day family relationship struggles and the horrors of the holocaust, Picoult keeps you riveted to what happens next. Describing the holocaust from both vantages – German Nazi characters and her Jewish grandmother’s detailed Auchwitz survival, the story goes from WW2 to present day, and ends in an unexpected twist that stays with you much longer than your reading of the last page of the book. I’m still thinking about the characters – and I finished ‘The Storyteller’ over a month ago.

Order the book that inspired the review!

Thanks Marsha for the review!  We can’t wait to see Jodi talk about the book in June at the Nantucket Book Festival!


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