Meet a Nantucket Bookworm – Mary Saffell


Name: Mary Saffell

Mitchell’s, Bookworks, or Book Festival? Mitchell’s for 15 years

Favorite Nantucket Books: Any of Cary Hazlegrove’s books and Mary Haft’s Nantucket: Portrait of an American Town

Favorite book as a child: The Tales of Uncle Remus: The Adventures of Brer Rabbit

Favorite Literary Quotes: 

We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch – we are going back from whence we came.
– John F. Kennedy

“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.” – William Shakespeare

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong. – W.H.Auden

Favorite Author to read at the beach: Donna Leon

Last Book that made you cry:  Corelli’s Mandolin

Last Book that made you laugh:  The Zoo, The Tower & the Tortoise

Last Book that scared you: Dark Places

You only get one book for the rest of your life to read over and over. What would you pick?  Robert Frost poetry

What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?  History, biographies and fiction

Favorite Books:  Citizens of London, Monument’s Men, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, A World Lit Only by Fire, The Idiot, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, The Hare with Amber Eyes

Best Book into Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen

Literary Guilty Pleasure: Jane Austen novels Pride & Prejudice and Persuasion

What book (s) are you looking forward to reading this year? ­­­­More well-written history books

If you could have a dinner with any authors who would they be? Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Lorenzo de Medici, Donna Leon and Jane Austen

If you could have lunch with three fictional literary characters who would they be?  Fitzwilliam Darcy, Jo Marsh and the Mad Hatter

Favorite Place to read a book on island: Parking Lot at Great Point

What are you reading right now? ­­­­­­­Early Medieval England 1066 – 1272

Thank you Mary for being a Nantucket Bookworm!

We love you!


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