Cookworks is back! PLENTY MORE in the house…

Greetings Dear Hungry Readers.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Cookworks post… Dani Henke was our chief cook and blogger de cuisine before she got into the restaurant business for real a while back, and those who know me know I’m no cook. That being said, if there was ever a book that could lure me to the kitchen it’s Ottolenghi’s PLENTY MOREIMG_1922

Really I should say it was a book and spice combo gift pack that did the luring… more accurately still I should say it was Claudia Wallace at her amazing storeAmbrosia Witness the beauty of Claudia and her helper January at a great pop-up evening they did at the great Nantucket restaurant Proprietor’s in December:


Claudia bought stacks of PLENTY MORE from us to pair with her amazing spices in a special pre-pack for the holiday season. Of course that gift pack was under the tree for my better half Randy (aka Manskills) Hudson. First he tackled the red grapefruit and star anise brussels sprouts situation. Yum.


Yotam Ottolenghi, as you may well know, is renowned for vegetarian cuisine in his innovative London restaurants, and this is his fourth best-selling cookbook. (Click here to see the others.) Going veg seemed like a good move what with New Year’s resolutions and all. Another great resolution we made was to have friends over more and try great food from great cookbooks. Winters on Nantucket are made for that kind of thing. A savory mushroom pie was the main dish for our foodie friends… or should I say savory mushroom pithivier…!?! Oui.


Randy paired that also with a pin-worthy salad: (speaking of which, do you follow us @nantucketbooks on Pinterest? Please do.)

…and a fantastic gluten free chocolate cake number that he needs to write his own book about. Don’t hold your breath, but when that book comes out we will definitely let you know.

Gearing up for another cozy cookbook night soon… thinking either BALABOOSTA or JAMIE OLIVER’S COMFORT FOOD.  Keep your forks tuned.

Cheers, Wendy




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