Nantucket Bookworms: Lori Garrabrant


Lori Garrabrant, Education Director at Nantucket Artists Association


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

What’s Big Magic about?

It’s kind of about creativity and really being open to ideas coming to you. It’s about not being afraid and running with it.

Why are you reading it?

I read it because pretty much every other artist in the Artists Association building read it and recommended it. It’s good for when you’re kind of in a funk, when you’re feeling like, “I haven’t made anything in so long! I feel like I haven’t done anything in so long, I’m not being creative, I”m not making.” They all felt like this was really this terrific book that was like, “I’m gonna do it again! I’m doing it!” And you feel inspired to just dive right back in.

What do you like about it? 

It’s full of stories. She talks a lot about herself which is kind of nice. I like Elizabeth Gilbert because she kind of pokes fun at herself a little and recognizes where she’s maybe a little bit neurotic or a little… overly self-reflective, maybe, is a good way to say it. I don’t know. I once had a friends tell me that they thought Elizabeth Gilbert was very much, “me, me, me.” And I think a lot of people felt totally the other way where they really related to her. It was very polar. That’s how I think people felt about Eat, Pray, Love, and probably the same for this one. It’s how she writes.

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