Nantucket Bookworms: Hannah Johnson


Hannah Johnson, barista at Handlebar Café


Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

What are you reading and what’s it about?

I just finished Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s about this girl who goes back to her hometown which she hasn’t been to in a while to help her dad who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s, but she has a ton of ghosts from her past that she’s trying to reconcile. It’s set in a made-up town in Arizona.

What do you like about it?

I think the author Barbara Kingsolver portrays characters very realistically, in a complex way that I connect to. I also love how deep she goes into the culture– in this case, Southwest Culture, the way she describes the rains in the Southwest. I’m from New Mexico. She nailed it: the dry climate, how it affects the life around you and your own life, productivity… how the rain kickstarts life, both in people and the environment.

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