Nantucket Bookworm – Amanda Shannon

Our Nantucket Bookworm this week is Amanda Shannon, supplements manager at Annye’s Whole Foods.


What are you reading right now? Don’t You Forget About Me by Jancee Dunn

Short synopsis: The story follows a successful 38 year old woman content in her life until her husband asks for a divorce. She moves back home from NYC to NJ to re-group and attends her high school reunion. What ensues in a look back into the 1980’s. She looks to the past to heal her present. It doesn’t work. The story is peppered with references to the “good old days” that those of us who grew up in the 80’s remember well. It’s one of those books where everything works out in the end, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

Short review: Light and fun, emphasis on light. A quick read. I read it on the recommendation of an old friend.

Mandy’s Favorites

Favorite Nantucket Book: Nantucket Classic by Bill Haddon

Favorite Non-fiction Book: ROCK STARS by Timothy White

Favorite Book of 2016: Today Will be Different by Maria Semple

Favorite Mystery: Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule. Unbelievable true story. (I LOVE true crime books.)

Favorite Book as A Child: The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton

Favorite Author: Stephen King

Favorite Holiday/Christmas Book: Holidays On Ice by Davis Sedaris

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